Nalini MOSCOW 1980 Bib Short Mens

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The MOSCOW 1980 Bib Shorts form part of Nalini's Red Label range of cycling garments. The Red Label products are perfect for the most demanding of cyclists as well as those of you at the more leisurely end of the cycling spectrum. The Moscow shorts demonstrate the ideal balance of comfort for steady rides as well as performance features for more aggressive riders.

A refined 'Race Fit' provides both muscle support and excellent flexibility, letting you pedal with ease. The patterned Schoeller® fabric at the side panels provide a smooth fit and provide excellent sun protection. The lightweight and breathable mesh upper bib section lets your skin breathe while also allowing for optimal ventilation - perfect for your summer cycling. Flatlock stitching is used throughout, giving you both comfort and durability. Lastly, microfibre leg grippers, with an inner silicone grip, provide a firm hold across the thighs. 

Serie 2.6 M 8/100 Tiger Seat Pad

Engineered and designed specifically for men, the 2.6 M 8/100 Tiger pad is extremely elastic so it moves with the body as you pedal, eliminating chafing points. The ergonomic shape also allows you to adopt the best riding position with high-density (up to 100kg/m2) foam providing support exactly where it’s needed. The hydrophilic, waterproof and bacteriostatic properties of the pad also ensure complete freshness and dryness in any conditions. The extra density of foam also makes it suitable for both road and off-road use with extra shock absorption in key areas.

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