Clubs and Training Groups

Triathlon may be an individual sport on race day, but getting to the start line is a journey that can be enjoyed with others. There are numerous benefits to joining a local triathlon club.

  • meet new friends and training partners
    • you will be amazed by how much you can learn from others and being associated with something bigger than yourself;
  • Participate in group workouts
    • they tend to be motivating and fun and the time passes faster when you feel you're not suffering or doing it alone;
    • they keep you accountable and you're more inclined to roll out of bed if you know the group is waiting for you.
  • Learn from others
    • share opinions and insight on new gear - the experienced athletes are a great source of knowledge and information!
  • You're not alone on race day
    • helping you get to the start line, or seeing your teammates on the race course is a great source of motivation, and then there is the post-race celebration to look forward to ;-)
  • Access club resources and benefit from negotiated discounts
    • You can likely expect to save a few bucks at your local bike and run shops, as well as other online triathlon retailers and vendors
    • Triathlon clubs are known to host informational seminars, clinics and camps. Seminars such as race fueling, pacing and training can be extremely enlightening. The best part about seminars is that you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more than if you were simply reading a magazine.  Clinics focus on key areas to help you improve your skills or technique and camps are ideal environment to help take your fitness to the next level in preparation for your big race.

    Troisport is neither affiliated to nor endorses any specific club or training group as they are independent of our business and it is largely a matter of personal choice and/or circumstances that will inform which club or training group is likely to be suitable. We can however recommend clubs or training groups based on direct individual enquiry and/or requests, based on a detailed discussion to understand personal circumstances.

    Below is a list of clubs that have requested us to list them or those we have dealt with directly in the past.

    If you would like your club listed below, please email us on with all your details.



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