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Blueseventy Hydra Vision Goggles - Silver/Smoke

Blueseventy Hydra Vision Goggles - Silver/Smoke

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The Hydra Vision goggle is built with the latest soft frame technology with emphasis on visibility. It features improved hydrodynamics in the water with an integrated strap adjustment and a unibody nose bridge that keeps the curved lenses close to the face.


  • Frame Integrated Strap Adjustment system is easy and flawless to use.
  • Unibody nose bridge is integrated into the frame and sits close to the face to further improve hydrodynamics.
  • A curved wide lens provides unparalleled vision in the open water and unmatched anti-fog properties.
  • Low profile, feature fitting frame. A great cross-over goggle for pool to open water. 
  • Latest HDR TPR frame materials used to reduce weight, increase comfort and fit.

How to Choose Your Lens:

  • Clear Lens: Perfect for low light conditions such as those found in a dimly lit indoor pool, or outdoors when the sun is not present (before sunrise and after sunset).
  • Yellow and Amber Lens: Great for low light conditions, overcast weather and indoor swimming. These lenses will add brightness to your vision.
  • Blue Lens: Blue lenses are similar to Yellow and Amber lenses in that they work well in low light conditions. They also cut a bit of the brightness from the sun when swimming outdoors, just not as much as the Smoke or Mirror tinted lenses.
  • Smoke: Superb for sunny days providing a similar effect as sunglasses. While they will darken one’s field of vision when used indoors, you can still swim with smoke lenses indoors.
  • Mirrored: The tint of Mirrored lenses are ideal for swimming in full sun and bright light conditions. They provide a darker tint than the Smoke lens.
  • Polarized: Polarized lenses eliminate reflections and provide superior clarity of vision. They are optimal for changing lighting conditions such as partly cloudy days. Polarized lens can also come in lighter and darker tints which will help in bright light.
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