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CEP Reflective Compression Calf Sleeves Men's - Gray

CEP Reflective Compression Calf Sleeves Men's - Gray

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Achieve new levels of performance with the Reflective Compression Calf Sleeves by CEP – and complete your running outfit with their stylish design: They combine performance-enhancing compression and a unique look thanks to reflective details with a 360-degree effect. But that’s not all. These leg sleeves provide perfect support and stabilize your calf muscles.

Reflective elements combine form and function

The woven reflective threads are one of the highlights of the compressive leg sleeves. What looks like an ordinary striped pattern during the day transforms into an advanced safety feature at night: The Reflective Compression Calf Sleeves increase your visibility from all angles so you can feel safe in the dark and focus entirely on your training.

Compression for enhanced running performance

At the same time you enjoy the benefits of proven medi compression: The close fit prevents energy-consuming muscle vibrations while also improving circulation in your muscles. This accelerates the supply of nutrients to your muscles and the removal of metabolic waste products such as lactates. Your calves have more power – and you can feel it, too.

Deep sensory stimulation of calf muscles

The sleeves let you get that last ounce of performance with deep sensory stimulation that also stabilizes your muscles. Together with the other beneficial effects of medi compression, this gives you the edge you need to set new personal bests. Your calf muscles are key here because they do the hard work when you run.

Run circles around the competition with the Reflective Compression Calf Sleeves – and enjoy more power and safety while you do!

  • The functional and stylish design featuring reflective yarn with SMART REFLECTIVE technology guarantees perfect all-round visibility in every situation.
  • The proven Medi compression reduces muscle vibrations and gives your calves a boost of energy.
  • The gentle compression of the Reflective Compression Calf Sleeves stabilizes your muscles with deep sensory stimulation.

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