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CEP Run Compression Calf Sleeves Men's - Olive

CEP Run Compression Calf Sleeves Men's - Olive

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Activate your muscles for a feeling of lightness: The sophisticated compression profile of The Run Compression Calf Sleeves for men is your secret weapon for stable calf muscles when you run. Your legs get a boost of energy and the increased nutrient supply gives you a feeling of lightness. No matter what your training level and type: The Run Compression Calf Sleeves from CEP Activating Sportswear deliver the comfort you want and the support you deserve.

Targeted impulses for your calves with medi compression

The deep sensory stimulation of the calf muscles in the Run Compression Calf Sleeves for men is based on innovative medi compression from Germany. This technology incorporates a compression thread that creates the ideal compression profile.

Fewer muscle vibrations and more nutrients for increased energy

The targeted compression stabilizes your calf muscles and minimizes exhausting vibrations. Full of energy, your legs stay fit for your next personal best. The increased blood circulation improves the supply of nutrients to your legs. The result is noticeably lighter legs full of nutrients. This feel-good effect increases your resilience.

A new measure of ultimate comfort

The Run Compression Calf Sleeves for men are so comfortable to wear, all you feel is their positive effect. This comes from the anatomical fit that wraps around your calves – and the balanced blend of materials and pleasant mesh structure always deliver superior heat and moisture management, no matter how hard you train.

The Run Compression Calf Sleeves for men complete the Running Collection from CEP Activating Sportswear. Get first-class running gear for every fitness level and order The Run Compression Calf Sleeves online.

  • The targeted compression stimulates your calf muscles with a deep sensory effect for stabilization.
  • Your legs get an energy boost thanks to the minimization of exhausting muscle vibrations.
  • Increased nutrient supply gives you noticeably lighter legs with a feel-good effect.
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