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CEP Run Compression Socks Men's Mid Cut - Petrol / Dark Red

CEP Run Compression Socks Men's Mid Cut - Petrol / Dark Red

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Mid cut socks, full control: The Run Compression Mid Cut Socks for men are the perfect socks for your training runs off the beaten path, on sand or on uneven ground. These mid cut running socks are now four centimeters longer than the previous Short Socks – and this makes all the difference on unpaved roads: Medi compression wraps around your ankle to support your locomotor system and give you greater stability every step of the way. You also benefit from other unique features like ventilation zones for optimum heat and moisture management in your running shoes.

Greater stability and fewer injuries

These activating running socks for men keep their promise: The integrated Medi compression provides a tapered compression profile that stabilizes and strengthens your joints. You also feel your muscles and joints better thanks to deep sensory stimulation, which further increases the accuracy of your footwork.

Comfortable feet in running shoes

The Run Compression Mid Cut Socks for men have different ventilation functions for all-round comfortable feet: Air channels in the foot and ventilation zones above the ankle. The mesh-like structure guarantees good circulation in your running shoes.

Superior comfort without blisters

Say goodbye to blisters. These mid cut running socks for men fit like a glove thanks to their anatomical, wrinkle-free design. No matter how uneven the terrain: The perfectly positioned padded zones of The Run Compression Mid Cut Socks cushion your step to protect your joints.

The Run Compression Mid Cut Socks for men give you more stability and security for your runs. Buy them now online from CEP Activating Sportswear.

  • These mid cut running socks stimulate your joints with a deep sensory effect, stabilize your step and offer protection from injuries.
  •  The wrinkle-free Medi compression works together with the innovative blend of materials to help prevent blisters.
  • Breathable padded zones in the foot provide reliable cushioning, keep your feet cool and comfortably dry and protect your joints.
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