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CEP Run Compression Socks Tall Women's - Pink / Black

CEP Run Compression Socks Tall Women's - Pink / Black

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The perfect training socks for women who love exercising any time of the day: The Run Compression Socks from CEP Activating Sportswear are the running socks of choice for any occasion – no matter if you run on uneven terrain or go all out on the treadmill.

Run with greater stamina and recover faster

The redefined compression profile is more precise and activates the nutrient supply in your feet and calves. This makes your legs feel stronger and lighter. What's more, the increased blood circulation stimulates the removal of metabolic waste for greater endurance and faster recovery – even while you train. Compression at the calves absorbs "shocks" when you exercise to give you an extra boost of energy.

Greater stability and fewer injuries

Another great benefit of The Run Compression Socks for women is that they increase the accuracy of your footwork: The activating compression stimulates your muscles with a deep sensory effect. You can feel your feet better, which improves your surefootedness. In addition, the compression stabilizes your locomotor system and provides support. The effect: Fewer injuries. Padded zones in the foot cushion your steps and protect your joints.

Blister-free running comfort and comfortable feet

The Run Compression Socks for women combine a proven blend of materials and innovative comfort features for perfect heat and moisture management. The mesh-like structure at the calves ensures excellent ventilation and a pleasant feeling in your running shoes, while innovative air channels in the footbed and ventilation zones in the toe provide additional comfort. And the anatomical design, compression and blend of materials guarantee the perfect stay-put fit to keep you blister free for many miles to come.

Get activated in the long version of The Run Compression Socks for women with the latest features and order them now online from CEP Activating Sportswear!

  • Enjoy a blister-free running experience thanks to the wrinkle-free fit and proven blend of materials.
  •  For noticeably lighter legs and a feel-good effect. Medi compression activates the supply of nutrients and provides more energy. 
  • More power and endurance: The anatomical design and padded zones in the foot reduce muscle vibrations – for optimum cushioning.


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