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CEP Training Compression Socks Unisex Mid Cut- White

CEP Training Compression Socks Unisex Mid Cut- White

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Experience maximum running comfort and slip on the Unisex Training Socks Mid Cut by CEP Activating Sportswear before your next run. The anatomical design and skin-tight fit prevent slipping. The socks also provide stability to the arch of the foot. Additional advantages: effective cushioning and fresh, comfortable feet.

Stay-put fit for fewer blisters

Very few things are more annoying during your run than socks that slip and rub against your feet. This can even result in blisters. And it’s why the mid cut Training Socks from CEP feature a close fit and an anatomical design. Without slipping, you can focus on the path ahead.

Comfort meets stability

Obviously, you don’t want your feet to heat up during your run. The solution: the intelligent blend of materials in the Training Socks Mid Cut for fresh, comfortable feet. The compression effect of the socks adds stability to the arch of the foot for a more secure stance.

Cushioning based on the anatomy of your foot

The mid cut Training Socks provide targeted relief for enhanced comfort. Their padded zones are tailored to the anatomy of your feet and deliver additional cushioning to support your running shoes.
Order the Unisex Training Socks Mid Cut from the CEP Activating Sportswear web shop today and experience the pleasant effect of compression and targeted cushioning for yourself.
  • An anatomical design paired with a skin-tight fit prevents socks from slipping.
  • While the fabric blend keeps feet feeling comfortable and fresh, the compressive fit helps stabilize the arch of the foot.
  • Anatomically adapted padded zones in the foot offer effective cushioning.

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