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FLOWOLF FH1 Triathlon Wetsuit - Men's

FLOWOLF FH1 Triathlon Wetsuit - Men's

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The FH1 has been designed with a complete focus on what athletes have been requesting for years. A suit with great flexibility in the shoulders and lots of buoyancy in the hips and legs, to improve body position in the water, and all this at a price point that doesn't break the bank.

* Made with Yamamoto neoprene, and has a SCS coating throughout to improve hydrodynamics and durability

* Yamamoto 39 neoprene in the shoulders and underarms, paired with the most flexible liner we could find, to create unmatched flexibility in a suit at this price.

* Forearm grip panels to assist with improving the catch and feel of the water.

* Low soft neckline for improved comfort with a fold-over design to make sure it does not split and better sealing the suit from water entry.

* Flexible inserts in the calf to assist with blood flow in the legs, and to allow for quick removal in transition.

* Men and women specific cuts and sizing to make sure the suit fits like it should.

* Buy back option at any time so you can upgrade to a new Flowolf suit anytime after purchase. Visit our Why Buy Flowolf page for more details.

* 1 Year manufacturing warranty / 2 Years if you register the purchase of your suit. Visit our warranty page for more details. 

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