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Pedro's ICM-15 Multitool

Pedro's ICM-15 Multitool

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ICM-15 Multitool

15-Function Folding Multi-Tool

  • 180 gram, 15-function folding multi-tool with 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex wrenches, T25 &T30 Torx wrenches, #2 Phillips and flat blade screwdrivers, two tire levers, 3.23 & 3.45mm spoke wrenches, and bottle opener.

  • Professional-grade tool steel wrenches feature superior anti-corrosion finish for unmatched lasting performance.

  • Ergonomic body made of light but tough composite material.

The new ICM-15 brings a slimmer, lower weight, lower price-point model to the ICM family while still packing 15 essential tools ready for trailside adjustments and repairs to keep you riding. The ICM-15 features tools made from heat-treated tool steel for strength, superior anti-corrosion finish for unmatched lasting performance, a body made of lightweight but super tough composite material, and two full-function tire levers.
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