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Prologo New Nago Evo Space Tirox 141 - Hard Black COMBO

Prologo New Nago Evo Space Tirox 141 - Hard Black COMBO

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*FREE Prologo U-Clip, U-Light and U-Saddle Bag*

Product description


- Weight (gr): 235
- Base: Carbon Injection Monocoque
- Rail: TiroX
- Cover: Microfiber
- Padding: Light PU

- Now with the etablishment of the CPC power control project, Prologo is ready to take cycling technology into the age of nano-technology. Prologo is spreading its focus to encompass all the contac point between the cycling and his weapon
- ACTIVE DENSITY is the new solutions, patented by prologo that allows a high level comfort.
- The Prologo models basic width, has been conceived to cover the 90% of the riders bone. With multisize, Prologo addresses this gap in its range
- Ergo Shape Design (ESD) is the result of ergonomic and biomechanic studies and test done by Prologo in the last few years
- Prologo has developed different base technologies using different materials
- Prologo has developed different rails technologies using different material
- PAS is the system specifically researched and developed by Prologo to protect the cyclist perianal area
- In this combination the PAS provides comfort and eliminates peaks of pressure in the pelvic area, combined with the highest level of technology patented by Prologo: CPC (grip, positioning, shock absorbing).
- C3 is Prologo’s highest achievement in both technology and quality so far. C3 stands for “Carbon Composite Compound” and allows us to make very light saddles below 145 grams.
- C3 carbon fibre “carbon composite compound” combined with the patented CPC Prologo Connect Power Control ensure high performances, lightness, comfort and structural rigidity.
- R&D Prologo team have developed a lineup of saddles dedicated to providing maximum comfort, ergonomics and performance.

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