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Prologo Zero II Nack CPC Saddle - White/ Black COMBO

Prologo Zero II Nack CPC Saddle - White/ Black COMBO

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An excellently ergonomic and adaptable seat for riders who often need to change their position mid-ride, the Zero-II CPC Nack Saddle is the go-to Prologo saddle to suit those adaptable riding needs. Perfect for short to medium length races and rides, it is created with an Ergo Shape Design (ESD) and is best suited to those who ride with a high pelvis rotation, built flat for stability and to match the stiff shell construction to give a direct ride feel. Featuring CPC technology which gives better posterior-to-seat grip, active cooling and superb shock absorption, plus a nano-carbon Nack rail for a firm fitment, Zero-II CPC Nack Saddle is the perfect Prologo choice.


  • Rail: Nack 7x9.3mm

  • Cover: Microfiber + CPC

  • Padding: Light Foam

  • Length: 278mm

  • Width: 141mm

  • Weight:197g


  • Nack Rail: The Nack rail is constructed from a nano carbon fibre. It consists of a blend of carbon, kevlar and aluminium filaments that integrated at the seat-post clamp area. They are arranged in a production process called Braided Carbon Rail (BCR) to give exceptional strength. Nack rails give the optimal weight and durability required of a performance saddle that is intended for mountain bike riding.

  • CPC - Connect Power Control: CPC is Prologo’s patented name for these new saddles featuring dense bunches of short, suction cup like gel polymer tubes. This technology has been used in Moto GP and Formula 1, largely in gloves for the racers, but Prologo are the only ones to use it in cycling. Grip is also vastly improved as the hollow CPC Volcano heads enlarge the surface area of the saddle, while the CPC heads in all the optimal contact areas reduce slip improving power output and control. The elastic polymer CPC heads absorb shock by expanding at their bases on impact and the ergonomic, lightweight design allows air movement and cooling.

  • ESD: Ergo Shape Design: This is a refined saddle shape, developed as a result of biomechanical studies done by Prologo over several years. ESD saddles feature a slender front area and a short rear area that quickly reaches maximum width. This permits a round pedal stroke, allowing the rider to maintain a natural position. The legs of the cyclist have more space during all phases of the pedal stroke, reducing friction and increasing alignment and performance. Finally, the opening swift of the rear part of the saddle helps the rider to find the correct support and support of the ischial bones. This prevents sliding forward and any rotation of the pelvis.

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