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CEP Run Shirt Women - White

CEP Run Shirt Women - White

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Enjoy maximum comfort on your run: The short-sleeved Run Shirt for women by CEP Activating Sportswear features sustainable functional fabric and precision perforations for an optimum body temperature. The anatomical design also helps provide the perfect fit. Order today from the CEP web shop so you can wear your new running shirt on your next run.

Pleasant cooling for your run

Feeling fresh air on your run is very pleasant, even when running in cold temperatures. This is why the air vents in the running shirt are precisely positioned to ensure the air around your upper and lower back circulates perfectly. The shirt offers excellent breathability and optimum body temperature regulation.

Maximum comfort thanks to an anatomical design

Your running shirt can interfere with your run if it flaps in the wind or clings to your body due to perspiration. When it has such a great anatomical fit and moves with your body like the CEP Run Shirt does, you barely notice you’re wearing it. And the seamless design offers even more comfort.

Functional, sustainable fabric

Materials that not only prevent heat build-up but are also soft to the touch can’t be found just anywhere. With the Run Shirt, these benefits are just the beginning. After all, it’s made from recycled, breathable fibers. So you know you’re doing your part for the planet even before you take your first step outside. Order the Run Shirt from the CEP Activating Sportswear web shop today and enjoy the combination of functionality, comfort and sustainability.
  • Air vents on the upper and lower back regulate air circulation and your body temperature and offer you optimum breathability.
  • The seamless design pairs an anatomical shape with a perfect fit for excellent support.
  • Premium functional materials ensure superior wearing comfort, while recycled fibres have a positive impact on sustainability.
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